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I don’t expect you to invest in me or my services without learning more about me first.

My name’s Steve Luke, and I’m a professional forex trading expert from Nottingham. That’s not all I do though. Thanks to my 25 years of experience in the legal world, I run my own law firm and am the vice president of the Nottinghamshire Law Society. I’m a keen basketball player too, having played professionally in the BBL and for England when I was younger.

Steve Luke
Steve Luke

About Me

Forex trading began as a hobby for me, but as I started to find more and more success, the more time I allocated to it. It is now one of my main passions; where else can you make money from the palm of your hand?

After a while, I started to help some friends and family out who also wanted to get into forex trading, and before long they were achieving their goals and making profits that they were happy with. I realised then that I enjoyed teaching, and that I had developed my knowledge of the foreign exchange market to the point where I could really help new traders.

Steve Luke

There was something else I realised too. Many online forex trading courses don’t actually show you the traders behind the videos, they don’t show you where the knowledge is coming from and, even when they do, they hold back a lot of information which is vital to success.

All of the education that you can acquire right here on this website is the very knowledge that I used to find the success I enjoy today, and it’s what I apply every day to my ongoing trades. I truly believe all the expert content provided here is all you will need on your trading journey.

I am not holding anything back, I am giving you everything I know. There’s a transparency about my services that you won’t find elsewhere, and I put my name on the line because I believe I can really help you.

If you’re new to the site, head to the testimonials page to see what some of my students have said about me, and feel free to take a look at some of the different services I offer.

Thanks, Steve
Steve Luke

Courses & Tutoring

Steve Luke

I just wanted to say there are no words…

I just wanted to say there are no words what Steve has done for me and also for all his other mentees.

He has been there through every one bit of my trading journey and helped me overcome all the little hurdles his program is top notch and the best. If you want someone to guide you and be there for you when you need them then l Steve is your guy. He teaches a simple yet effective trading strategy that anyone can become good at with hard work patience and dedication on the charts. If you want to be good at Forex I highly suggest joining Steve Luke mentorship program

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Steve Luke

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